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Riven Yorkstone Paving


Yorkstone riven paving is still made the traditional way with a hammer and chisel- the stone is rived apart leaving a natural riven face. Riven Yorkstone paving is traditionally laid in a random layout or can be laid in courses of the same width or different widths to add interest to the scheme.

Colours are beautiful ranging from golden buffs to greys to rusty browns. 


Riven Yorkstone is very versatile it can be laid as paving, pathways, used as copings and for steps and laid internally makes a hard-wearing characterful floor and will maintain its beautiful colour variations. 

Lay in a random layout for a traditional theme or lay in courses of specific widths x random lengths or use more than one width for a more interesting scheme.


Yorkstone riven paving if left to weather will do so after a couple of seasons and can easily be mistaken for its older counterpart the reclaimed Yorkshire flagstones which were made in the same way decades ago. 


A popular choice for a more natural rustic appearance to both contempory and traditional settings.


Yorkstone riven paving cannot be matched for its durability, versatility, beauty and value for money.



 > Yorkstone riven paving - sawn edges.


Featuring beautiful colour variations from golden buff browns to greys or all buff browns (colours vary depending on what is presently being extracted)

Thickness approximately 35-65MM.

Supplied in random rectangular sizes for a traditional random layout or in gauged widths x random lengths to be laid in courses.



Typical slabs sizes:


Random rectangles to be laid in a traditional random layout.


Gauged widths made to customer specification e.g 300/400/500/600mm widths x random lengths. 


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 > Yorkstone riven paving with hand fettled edges



New Yorkstone riven paving with traditional hand fettled edges in random rectangular sizes- this paving is slightly more rustic in that the colour variations are slightly darker than our sawn edged riven paving- colours range from dark buff to greys to darker browns. The face and texture are a mix of both a riven and self faced (where the paving is formed by splitting the stone along the bed)


Supplied in random rectangles for a traditional random layout OR set widths x random lengths.


Thickness 38- 75mm approx.


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