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Sawn Yorkstone Paving


Sawn Yorkstone is the paving of choice if you require a more uniform or contemporary look to your project and is considered the most prestigious Yorkstone paving. Each slab is diamond sawn on all sides and then honed to a beautifully smooth finish. Our Sawn York stone is manufactured from the most durable fine grained Yorkshire stone characterised by its beautiful colour variations from pale buffs to pale greys with some natural veining or flecking throughout.


Lay in a coursed arrangement in specific widths x random lengths or if you require complete symmetry the Yorkstone can be supplied in customers specified widths and lengths.


A suitable stone sealer will help maintain the subtle colour variations of the Yorkstone and protect from staining etc.


Sawn Yorkstone paving is cut to order to customer specifications.


Slab sizes available:


Set width x random length.

Set width x set length.

Random rectangles.


Colours available:


Grey to buff.

Predominantly grey to buff

All buff

  • Standard thickness: 50mm (other thicknesses available- please enquire)
  • Cutting tolerance +/-3mm 
  • Please Contact Us with your requirements for a quote.





We also supply Sawn Yorkstone paving with hand fettled edges for a more traditional appearance reminiscent of Cathedral Yorkstone flags once weathered.