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Sawn Yorkstone Paving -
Fettled Edge

We also supply a more traditional looking sawn York stone paving slab that once weathered can be compared to the Cathedral grade reclaimed flags of old- a smooth face with traditional hand fettled edges. Easier to lay than the natural riven yorkstone flags as they are sawn to a specific thickness (40/50mm). Buff to grey in colour featuring some characteristic veining.


This paving will quickly weather if desired and can then easily be mistaken for an aged cathedral grade York stone flag.


Can also be laid internally for a beautiful York stone floor - we can supply down to a thickness of 30mm.




Sawn Yorkstone paving with hand fettled edges

Available in random rectangles for a traditional layout. (or gauged widths)

Thickness - 40mm or 50mm

Colour variations buffs to subtle greys with characteristic brown veining. 


@ £64 PER M2 + VAT



We can also supply these in set widths to customer specification by random lengths for a more uniform coursed layout. 


@ £69 PER M2 + VAT 


(Larger orders please enquire for discounts)