Interior Yorkstone Flooring for UK Delivery

Yorkstone is a great natural material for creating a beautiful, hard wearing internal floor that will last a lifetime and beyond! It can be laid in a random layout or coursed in specific widths or in different or alternating widths to add interest to your scheme.

Sawn Yorkstone for internal flooring

If your interior requires a contemporary look we can supply diamond sawn Yorkstone for flooring cut to your specifications down to a thickness of 20mm and can be laid over under floor heating. Layouts can be varied – coursed in one width, various widths or alternate widths or slabs can be gauged both ways for a perfectly symmetrical look. Characteristic markings in the stone include brown veining and flecking. A suitable sealant will need to be applied to protect the stone from stains and water penetration. This flooring will look amazing and again will stand the test of time both in its durability and timeless aesthetic appearance.

Interior Yorkstone flooring for UK Delivery including London and the South East

Please contact us to place an order or for a prompt quote.

Slab sizes available:300/400/500/600mm x random lengths to lay in courses.
                                              Random x random rectangles for a random layout.
                                              Set width x set length
Thickness:sawn 6 sides down to 25mm
                                        fettled edges down to 30mm
Edges    Sawn or hand fettled
Colour Grey to Buff
All Buff
Buffy marbled
Bespoke sizes availableYes



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